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Vehicle industry is becoming more and more competitive and it’s very hard for people to choose the best for them. Our main objective is to take care of our clients money they send us for purchasing a vehicle. For that purpose we are providing true knowledge and support to our clients.

We have been supplying high quality Japanese used Automobiles. We not only sell high quality automobiles at reasonable prices, we have learned effective export procedures for major regions around the world in order to make our shipping process as smooth as possible for you.

Are You looking for a car?

Contact one of our sales representatives and get quote or inquire about any vehicle you need. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are. We are providing vehicles from Japan, Thailand & Dubai. 

Are you looking for Auto Parts?

If you need car parts, we are the best source available. Providing cars into a container after dismantling them into HALF CUTS, NOSE CUTS & BODY SHELLS in a 20ft & 40ft container. 


Flexibele Payment Terms

Our stress-free and flexible payment terms enable all our clients buy a vehicle under their budget and terms. 

Wide Range of Brands

With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand, as well as leading vehicles from every Make. 

Trusted By Many

Many new offers every day. hundrerds of vehicles on a site, and trusted by a community of many clients from different countries.

Inspection & Quality Assurance

Our inspection and quality assuarance department provide a maintained car for you to stay safe on the road for many more years.