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Auction Q&A

Auction Q & A

Q. How soon does the car arrive after the purchase?

A yard from the auction site: 3-7 days
From a yard to the port: 2-3 weeks
Local arrivals from departure ports vary by country.
To the UK: 30-45 days
To Germany and Poland: 50-60 days
To the US: Shortest 15-2 days * Varies by port
To Tanzania: about 30-40 days
Please contact us for other ports.

Q. To know about export / import restrictions

Depending on the exporting country, some countries require pre-export inspections and some have restrictions on importing for the model year.
Please contact the customs of each country, as import restrictions vary by country.

Regarding payment method

We accept payments trhough bank wire.

What if you ordered the wrong one?

BA bid can be canceled up to 2 hours before the auction starts.
Please note that we do not accept a cancellation after it makes a successful bid.

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If I have a problem, can you support me?

In addition to phone and email, our staff will quickly respond via WhatsApp / skype / Viber / chatbots on the site.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

email: sales@autowaysjapan.com