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1. Choose a car- About online auction

At a used car auction in Japan, millions of used cars are exhibited at auctions every week.

Since the establishment in 2009, we make a successful bid at this auction and have been providing high-quality Japanese cars to customers around the world.

We will make a successful bid for the vehicle ordered by the customer and deliver it safely to the port closest to the customer. In addition, in order to accurately convey the condition of the car before purchase, we conduct a preliminary inspection by highly specialized staff at the auction site.

Therefore, after paying the price, you will not be disappointed that “the condition of the vehicle was worse than expected”.

Here, we will introduce the simple flow when we make a successful bid on our behalf.

2. Make a deposit

“Before you make a successful bid at the auction, you will need to pay the deposit with PayPal. ”

We will set the deposit amount according to the amount of the vehicle, but we will not use this amount until we make a successful bid.

In the unlikely event that you cannot make a successful bid for the vehicle, you can use it as a substitute vehicle or ask for a refund.

Our staff will carefully guide you according to your request.

3. Win a bid

★A preliminary inspection

Do you know the “Auction sheet”? A sheet that describes the condition of the vehicle when the vehicle is put up for sale.

You can see the approximate condition of the car by looking at this auction sheet, but the attached photos are only a few photos of the exterior, and there are vehicles with scratches, dents, and corrosion are not indicated in the auction sheet.

But don’t worry. We have a dedicated staff who can take a preliminary inspection and take a picture of the vehicle, and we will inform the customer of the condition of a vehicle with the photograph before purchasing the vehicle.

When purchasing a vehicle with a high unit price, you can purchase with a sense of security.

★ A bidding agent

If you are satisfied with the condition of the car and pay the price of the car, we will make a successful bid on your behalf.

Only a limited number of members can participate in the auction so that only limited companies in Japan can participate.

At the auction site, the vehicle is put up for an auction and we bid remotely. Please note that each vehicle will be sold in about 10 seconds.

We need to communicate promptly with the customer and prepare for a successful bid in advance of the auction of the vehicle. If the selling price of the exhibit side is exceeded, the car will be “sold out” to make a successful bid.

If there is no purchaser before the selling price is reached, the vehicle will be “flowing vehicle, Not sold”. Therefore, in order to buy cheaply, it is important to be familiar with the market price of each vehicle. We have been winning a variety of vehicles for our customers around the world for over 10 years,

We have been winning a variety of vehicles for our customers around the world for over 10 years, “We will contact you as soon as possible whether the vehicle was purchased or not, and if not, we will generally propose another vehicle. ”

4. Confirmation and delivery to port

After a successful bid, the vehicle will be transported from the auction site to the yard near our affiliated port, and the shipping arrangements will begin.

Transportation to the yard usually takes 3-7 days, depending on the distance from the auction site.

After that, we will arrange the shipping on the shortest schedule and contact the customer, but the staff will arrange the shipping as soon as possible so that the car will depart from Japan within 2-3 weeks after the arrival, and we will inform you.

In addition, we will be responsible for the export to countries that require pre-shipment inspections.

Regarding the shipping schedule, we will inform you about the condition of the vehicle one by one, from sending a draft of the bill of lading, copy of Shipped B/L to shipping an original bill of lading. You can wait without worry until the vehicle arrives.

5. Shipment & Dispatch of Documents

When the customer picks up the vehicle locally, the “Bill of Lading” and ” Export Certificate ” are required, and we will prepare the bill of lading when the shipping is decided.

We will create documents while carefully checking whether the detailed information of the Consignee /Notify party/port of arrival/final destination/vehicle stated on the bill of lading is correct.

A few days after leaving the port, the bill of lading and the Export Certificate will arrive from our shipping company, and we will ship it to you by DHL within a week after arrival.

Please be assured that we will inform you of the shipment completion and the tracking number by e-mail.

Depending on the country you live, the documents will arrive in approximately one week to 10 days after they arrive and can be tracked with a tracking number.

6. Claiming

After the vehicle arrives at the site, we will pick up the vehicle with the documents explained above.

We have received many voices such as “”Commuting became more convenient””, “”The car I bought has enriched my life,”” and so on.

If you are satisfied with the vehicle after it arrives, please take a picture and send it to us!

As a token of appreciation, we offer a small gift to our customers who send us User voice.

email: sales@autowaysjapan.com