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One-Price (Fixed Price)

one price (FIXED PRICE)

130 Auction sites in Japan

car buying redefined.

We can help you buying an vehicle from most trusted Japan vehicle auction huses Buying an auction vehicle is the most affordable way to get on the road in your country. Most countries we can ship vehicle in 2 to 3 weeks.

It’s low risk of buying vehicle from Japan auction that your local car dealers because The auction house provide the detail information of vehicle on auction sheet which includes the manufacture, year, options, mileage and grading indicating a vehicle condition.

The grading system of the cars brought through auction in Japan is conducted by expereienced mechanical engineers who put every car under strict scrutiny in assessing its condition before auction.

Price you can see in the detail page are the actual auction price.
CIF Price for your country = Auction actual price + Bid & Ship Price*
*Bid & Ship Fee includes shipping + inspection + Inland transport + Our Service Fee etc.
For Instance buy Vezel for Example bid & ship fee for Vezel Hybrid to Trinidad would be JPY 250,000