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How to Buy
Find 5 Easy Ways to Import Used Cars from Japan
Importing a car through Auto Ways Japan is easy

Stock Search

Please select used cars stock from our site. Also you can search by using search inventory. You can also contact one of our sales representatives about any inuqiry.

Get Exact Quote

After getting and selecting the vehicle you have chose, you can get complete details. Please contact us by using our contact form and send us stock no and ask for proforma invoice. An invoice with our banking details and vehicle details will be sent to you. Please take that invoice to the bank and once payment is done, send us wire receipt along with invoice.

Negotiate & Make Payment

Prices are not fixed so negotiate with the sales representative and after confirmation complete the payment. After the transfer is completed, please inform your sales representative or send us wire copy along with the invoice.

Shipment & Documents

Your vehicle will be shipped on the earliest vessel and the shipping schedule will be updated as soon as it is confirmed. The Bill of Lading will be issued about 1 week after the departure date. As soon as the Bill of Lading is issued, your sales representative will dispatch all the necessary documents to you.

Receive Your Vehicle

Once you receive the shipping documents, you can start the clearing process for collecting your car and registering in your country. After these clearing processes, you can finally drive your dream vehicle away!!

More Vehicles Available

We are also offering special prices and one price stock that is easily available to all our clients. For “One Price” vehicles please contact our sales team.

What is One-Price?

As the name implies, the listed price is a fixed price.

While a fixed price is more attractive to some customers, we would only recommend using it if you found a car that you had to have and thought the chances of finding one in the auctions are very low.

You can consider “One Price” the same as a “Buy It Now” price on Ebay, so as you can imagine, the seller sets the price quite high.
A lot of the cars in the One Price section are also dealer stock (the same is true for the AUCNET auctions).
The seller is either trying to get rid of stock he can’t sell, or trying to make a quick profit.
Either way, the selling price is usually higher than the average.
As with regular auctions, there is no way of contacting the seller directly, so the price is non-negotiable.
The buyer also needs to be aware that cars for sale in One Price and AUCNET may be in remote or irregular locations making the transport to the dock quite expensive.

Auto Ways Japan Used Car Auction
See over 140,000 cars for sale

There are more than 190 different Japanese used car auction houses Throughout Japan with over 140,000 Cars listed daily. These auction houses are only accessible to local used car dealers, until now! As a user of Auto Ways Japan we provide you access to all these used car auction houses, FREE of charge!Here are the three main benefits in choosing Auto Ways Japan services

  • Benefit 1 – FREE TO USE:
    You are free to try out the full fuctionality of our auction tool until you decide to bid on a car!
  • Benefit 2 – 100% Refundable Deposit:
    Our auction deposit is 100% Fully refundable! Refund it at anytime you want!
  • Benefit 3 – Quick and Reliable Support:
    Our team is standing by to support you as fast as we can.